You can’t build a castle without first seeing how it’s done, much the same as you can’t become a success if you don’t have an example to follow.

This is the idea behind Othercastles, we talk to people who have built, invented, made or done amazing things in order to encourage you and show you the way.

What is Othercastles?
We are a site designed to inspire, encourage and educate. We have the fantastic job of interviewing amazing and inspiring people who can share their guidance, tips and most of all their “how to” on becoming as successful as you can possibly be.

How you can help
We are always trying to decide on whom we should interview next, this is where you can help: if you have heard of someone or even know someone who you think would make an excellent interviewee then drop us a line with their contact details and we’ll do the rest.


Lasse Olsen @hanlasse
The Team

Lasse Olsen - Othercastles

Founder & writer Lasse Olsen
Twitter / Website

Lasse Olsen is a blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur based in Oslo, Norway. He makes his living by helping companies be awesome on the web.

Michelle J. Wilson (Mijowi) - Othercastles

Illustrator Michelle J. Wilson (Mijowi)
Twitter / Website

Michelle is a Norwegian/English illustrator and graphic designer. She is 23 and lives in Norway, Oslo with her better half and pet rabbit.

Nadia Aslam - Othercastles

Wordsmith Nadia Aslam

Nadia is a British wordsmith lost in Norway. When not reminiscing over her career in fashion, writing or taming wild horses, she likes to spend her time drinking tea!

Christine Wendelborg - Othercastles

Photographer Christine Wendelborg
FacebookTwitter / Website

Christine lives in Oslo and photographs people for a living. She loves editing her photographs at night in the dark when the world is sleeping.

Bob Skywalker - Othercastles

Jedi Bob Skywalker

Bob Skywalker is the provider of love and healthiness at the office. When he´s not cuddling and being cute, he´s probably off somewhere else doing cute stuff.