Welcome to Othercastles

Lasse Olsen - Othercastles

It is with great pride that Othercastles is launching – a site that aims to interview inspiring people all over the world.

This project has been a long time in the making. When you start to notice just how many inspiring people there are in the world, each doing their own amazing things OR each with their own truly amazing story. You start to realise that if we can learn just a sum of what they do: then we would see the world in a truly amazing way.

The goal is to allow you to get an insight into how your role models have made it, thus allowing you to follow in their path to success, there are no boundaries as to where you can learn from: be it from music, technology or photography meaning that you able to take something away from every one of our interviewees.

“To build a castle, one should see how their successfull peers have built theirs”

The main purpose of these interviews is to understand how you can best achieve your goals in life, in essence: this is your free ticket to awesomeness.

To help you receive the full impact of our amazing interview, each interview will have its own custom illustration made by the very talented Mijowi

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To build a castle, one should see how their successfull peers have built theirs.

Illustration: Mijowi